Selected writing by Andrew Nicholls, 2009-2018 

Greek Love, catalogue for solo exhibition at Turner Galleries, Perth, 2018 

Catalogue essay: An Embarrassment of Riches for Bedazzle, at FORM Gallery, Perth, 2016

Catalogue essay: Daughters of the Empire for Thea Costantino's Daughters of the Empire, at Turner Galleries, Perth, 2014 

Catalogue essay: Freud's Desk for Susan Flavell's Freud's Desk, at Turner Galleries, Perth, 2013 

Catalogue essay: Dangerous Walls for Living Walls, at FORM Gallery, Perth, 2012

Catalogue essay: The Use Value of Medieval Wonderment for A Magnificent World, at Venn Gallery, Perth, 2012

Catalogue essay: Unknown Southern: colonial folly, madness and hybridity in Eva Fernandez's (terra) australis incognita, for Eva Fernanadez's (terra) australis incognita. at Fremantle Arts Centre, 2011

Catalogue essay: Creature Comforts, for Susan Flavell's Mark Howlett #14 Commission, 2010

Catalogue essay: Troubling Objects: the sculptural practice of Nalda Searles, for Nalda Searles' Drifting in my Own Land, at John Curtin Gallery (followed by national tour), 2009